Bio Part 8
To different degrees all art is dangerous. It is this danger that makes it exciting and seductive. Like riding a train: even though the possibility is remote the idea that it could derail,jump the tracks and tumble from a trestle into a deep ravine or just become dislodged without any carnage or real damage, it is the idea of danger the ears seek,that quickens the pulse, to catch the thrill.
Like a audio danger junkie we sometimes with furious purpose discard the rules and tip the train over to one side,too fast around the bend, to almost certainly crash but at the last second tip back onto the track with a jolt and a shudder.
And sometimes we seek the highest trestle, the deepest ravine to plunge the whole train: engine, cars caboose and passengers over and and in a suicidal moment let the crash take us away. These can be our favorite moments, even on great recordings it is the supposed "mistakes" that become our favorite parts.
I am lucky, blessed, to have artists on this train that follow my routes without pause, with little resistance, they enjoy the challenge of making it around the next blind curve just to hear what happens next.
Bio, part 7
Under the Influence of: Alex North, John Lennon, Roland Kirk, Sam Taylor Jr., Exene Cervenka, Laura Nyro, Captain Beefheart, Jack London, Johnny Otis, Yeats, Albert Ayler, Paris, Tony Gilkyson, Bill Monroe, Los Angeles, Miles Davis, Phillip Roth, Crows, Poppies, Picasso, Women, Richard Pryor, George Jones, Wilson Pickett, Time Travel, Monet, Elvin Jones, Felines, Van Morrison, Insects, Leonard Bernstein, Automobles, The Fender Bass, Howlin' Wolf, Godzilla, Jimi Hendrix, Tucson, Victor Hugo, Paul Simon, Blueberries, Richie Havens, Sharpies, Steve McQueen, The Catskills, Dave Alvin, Emmy Lou Harris, Robert Frost, Robots, Richard Davis, Dracula, Reefer, Hubert Sumlin, Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson, Spiders, Louis Armstrong, Ron Carter, Auguste Rodin, Cigarettes, Subtle perfume on a Girl's neck, Louvre, New York City, Snow, Miro, Beer, 15 ips, Ray Charles, Tim Buckley, Tim Hardin, Kurt Vonnegut, Duke Ellington, Muddy Waters, Bobby Sands, Hank Williams, Roy Haynes, Mice, Tom Ianniello's cooking, Charles Dickens, John Larkin, Reggie Butler, Ray Brooks, Big Momma Thorton, Bob Moog, Danny Krieger, Mango Tango, James Clark, Wilbert Harrison, Frank Sullivan, Lyons Tea, Airports, Ash Trays, Smokey Hormel, Larry"Nastyee"Latimer, Sara P.Smith, Free, Top Jimmy, Carli Munoz, Ambrosia Parsley, Big Brown, Tony Williams, Mr.Crowther, Kevin Calhoun, Playback, U.S.P.S., Michael Bannister, Peter Case, J.J.Cale, The heat comming off the lawns in Burbank in August, Danny McGough, Richard Levy, Sugar, Shower Curtins, Big Joe Turner, Christine Lakeland, Chris Pinnick, Geoff Lee, Anything Played Backwards, The Digital Camera, James Cruce, Propane, H2o, Boogers, Oum Kaltsoum, Rembetiko, Faruk Tekbicek, Trio S, 1202