Bio part 2,more crap
It was a pinto wagon, white I think with that fake wood on the side going fast and north up the was coastal rain and chatter giggle, they were in the front seat half driving, half hallucinating, it was a vial of lazy-eye being passed around, a fine gray powder, (a synthetic of the pineal gland from the sloth bear; natives had long ago discovered itís properties as a stimulant but synthesized and taken out of the rainforest it was much more); it was steinbeck country, migrant city, we were supposed to find this town further inland, on a road going east somewhere that we didnít know we had passed by 60 miles back and it was starting to fog in.
I was in the back seat with the instruments burning rope and double checking the store of ammunition against our upcoming week, but by now the bullets were turning into blue and purple worms in my hands, the amplifiers rattling to the bumps in the road behind me were taking on the sound of a conversation like somebody telling an old joke: "a firefly flies in a barÖ"
She switched on the compass and figured out we were lost, pulled over at the next station and he got out, marched over to the attendant slightly listing to the left; at first the attendant didnít look like he understood gibberish but after a minute of stoneface listening he started laughing and pointed south, back the way we had come.
An hour later we were close, just going to make it; she turned the radio up over the rain so she could hear more reports of the presidential murder attempt, poisongate the reporters were calling it, he had pulled some wormwood out of his bag and was trying to balance a sugar cube over a cup while he aimed an eyedropper down, I could see he was dripping way too much on the cube, he lost it and the whole mess fell in the shaky cup between his knees, he let out a squeak stirred it with his finger and downed it.
She spotted the place, yanked the vehicle in, skidded to a stop at the awning entrance, popped the tail door and we loaded in.
15 minutes later we had 5 minutes before we had to go on; she was in a booth stretched against the red vinyl, he was at the bar stripped down to his briefs and flip-flops doing shots of coca-coca, I was thinking the opening actís elephant seemed too small when the manager came in looked at his wrist and said "all right, letís get this over with"
Bio, part 1
Under the Influence of:Alex North, John Lennon, Roland Kirk, Sam Taylor Jr., Exene Cervenka, Laura Nyro, Captain Beefheart, Jack London, Johnny Otis, Yeats, Albert Ayler, Paris, Tony Gilkyson, Bill Monroe, Los Angeles, Miles Davis, Phillip Roth, Crows, Poppies, Picasso, Women, Richard Pryor, George Jones, Wilson Pickett, Time Travel, Monet, Elvin Jones, Felines, Van Morrison, Insects, Leonard Bernstein, Automobles, The Fender Bass, Howlin' Wolf, Godzilla, Jimi Hendrix, Tucson, Victor Hugo, Paul Simon, Blueberries, Richie Havens, Sharpies, Steve McQueen, The Catskills, Dave Alvin, Emmy Lou Harris, Robert Frost, Robots, Richard Davis, Dracula, Reefer, Hubert Sumlin, Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson, Spiders, Louis Armstrong, Ron Carter, Auguste Rodin, Cigarettes, Subtle perfume on a Girl's neck, Louvre, New York City, Snow, Miro, Beer, 15 ips, Ray Charles, Tim Buckley, Tim Hardin, Kurt Vonnegut, Duke Ellington, Muddy Waters, Bobby Sands, Hank Williams, Roy Haynes, Mice, Tom Ianniello's cooking, Charles Dickens, John Larkin, Reggie Butler, Ray Brooks, Big Momma Thorton, Bob Moog, Danny Krieger, Mango Tango, James Clark, Wilbert Harrison, Frank Sullivan, Lyons Tea, Airports, Ash Trays, Smokey Hormel, Larry"Nastyee"Latimer, Sara P.Smith, Free, Top Jimmy, Carli Munoz, Ambrosia Parsley, Big Brown, Tony Williams, Mr.Crowther, Kevin Calhoun, Playback, U.S.P.S., Michael Bannister, Peter Case, J.J.Cale, The heat comming off the lawns in Burbank in August, Danny McGough, Richard Levy, Sugar, Shower Curtins, Big Joe Turner, Christine Lakeland, Chris Pinnick, Geoff Lee, Anything Played Backwards, The Digital Camera, James Cruce, Propane, H2o, Boogers, Oum Kaltsoum, Rembetiko, Faruk Tekbicek, Trio S, 1202